What is Leadership? How Great Leaders Think

What is Leadership? How Great Leaders Think

Written on ١٠/٢٦/٢٠١٨
Robin Sharma

Much of my life has been a devotion to a simple expression: you can Lead Without a Title.

The old model of leadership taught us that to lead meant the need to have a formal position, high authority and a big office.

But we’re now in Leadership 2.0.

And if you want your organization to win. And if you want your craft to fly, you absolutely need to learn to show brilliant leadership without relying on a title [or needing one].

So, if–on this precious day of your massively important life–you’re amped/excited and set to learn:

how the best leaders think
ways to leap from victim to world-builder
why growing more leaders is Job #1
my popular “3 I Practice” for creating a culture of people who lead versus coast that has inspired my clients to scale great companies.