When You Sell Yourself

Sometimes it’s apples to apples and you need to sell yourself as the best option to get the deal done. You need the sales skills and techniques to stand out from the competition. If you’re ready to grow your business at massive levels, take three days and spend time with an exclusive group of business people. Grant Cardone will show you how to get a competitive edge using proven marketing methods, sales techniques, role playing exercises and more to 10X your business.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams - Grant Cardone

How many of you have felt like giving up at some point? Here's the key: can you take a bad day and turn it into a great day? You gotta hang in there and flip it! How can you turn a failure into a big success? How do you turn disappointment to opportunity? All successful people know this secret. I want to share with you many more things I've learned about the wealthy (the wealthy don't give up!)...hit the link below for some special bonuses!

Do You Want to be the Boss? - Grant Cardone

Do You Want to be the Boss? - Grant Cardone: This is literally an investment opportunity of a lifetime. If you want to get into real estate but don't have the time to find deals, don't want to deal with managing tenants, and you're busy making money in your career, then come ride with me on my deals. I won't let you down because I won't let me down.

How to Think Big When You're Not: The G&E Show

How to Think Big When You're Not: The G&E Show—Successful people dream big and have immense goals. They are not “realistic.” They leave that to the masses who fight for leftovers. One of the questions posed in the 10X Rule asks: “How big are your goals and dreams?” The middle class is taught to be realistic and average, whereas the successful think in terms of how extensively they can spread themselves. It’s not about being average. It’s about being above average. The greatest regret of my life is that I initially set targets and goals based on what was realistic rather than on giant, radical thinking. “Big think” changes the world!