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Why Prospects Say No

About 20 years ago there was a revolution in the sales world, one that drove many people out of selling altogether, but drove others towards earning fortunes.

How To Get Close To The Customer

What is a brand? The IPO says that it constitutes a “promise of an experience’ and conveys to consumers a certain assurance as to the nature of the product or service they will receive and also the standards the supplier or manufacturer seeks to maintain”.

Dealing With Premature Evaluations

You’ve always been told to build up the value in your products and services before talking about the overall costs, as that reduces the chances of people negotiating for discounts and haggling over the price. After all, if they can see the worth of what you have, price becomes a secondary issue.

Five Specific Wants That Every Prospect Has

The strange expression “Nought so queer as folk” quaintly sums up the studies of the philosophies of man from the start of time. So much water under the bridge, so many changes in history, so few securities that can be held onto. The idiosyncrasies that determine our interactions with each other can be neatly summed up in five north-England words of splendour.

Five Ways To Gain Commitment

We often get salespeople asking “What’s the best ‘close’ I can use?” or “How can I ‘close the sale’ more often?”

How Your Buyers Make Their Decisions – Part 5

Our final part of this series of how buyers make decisions looks at what people see as necessary and what they see as possible. It’s an interesting strategy people use to ensure they keep what they they already have or risk going for things they could have in the future.

How Your Buyers Make Their Decisions – Part 4

In Part One of this series, we looked at motivational direction. In Part Two, we discussed Frames of Reference and how they are diagnosed. Part Three covered how people match or mismatch in their decision-making philosophy.

Avoid Five Errors That Many Salespeople Make

Most of my working life has been spent in sales. There have been examples of good, bad and ugly that have stayed with me over the years. During the time that I’ve been involved in training and coaching salespeople, I’ve seen and experienced ideas and techniques that have worked so well that I have been convinced and persuaded to buy. I’ve also experienced attempts to sell to me that have left me almost speechless in wonder that this person chose this profession to make a living.

How To Guarantee Successful Results

I’ve always been a fan of quotes. These short, pithy sayings that bring to life ideas and deeper thoughts often are responsible for inspiring and driving greater performance and results.

Selling To Entrepreneurs: How To Make Your Company Stand Out

Ask buyers what their main decision-making criteria are and you’re bound to get a plethora of answers that revolve around the company’s goals, the saving of money, the reduction of risk, the efficiencies of running the business, and a host of others. Their main concern is how you can help their business succeed and gain credence in the marketplace.

How To Contact A Direct Referral

We just love those conversations where you hear the customer say ‘You know…I think such-and-such would benefit from this as well!’

Create Your Own Sales Genie

The old stories of the person walking across a beach and finding an old lamp that, when rubbed, releases a genie that gives you three wishes is exactly that….an old story.