The Myth That Everyone Is A Potential Customer

One of my trainers was taking a telephone sales course the other week for a company, and a delegate said she was targetted with making at least 100 cold-calls a day. When the trainer asked what critera the call list was governed by, she said it was simply a bought list from another company, listing details of companies in the area, with no indication of their industry or willingness to buy their products and services.

Make Your Sales Elevator Speech Work

You’ve heard it said that your elevator speech is one of the most important parts of your sales armoury. It’s that first impression you make on people, the first few seconds of the contact, that will either make or break the conversation and allow you to encourage the person to know more about you, or cut the conversation off before it even gets started.

NCCZ’s Will Change The Face Of Selling

Over the past couple of years, county and town councils here in the UK have been trying to reduce the number of doorstep and distraction burglaries by introducing ‘No Cold-Calling Zones’ (NCCZ’s) in residential areas

5 Ways Value Changes In The Buyer’s Mind

Delivering value is the catalyst for any buyer to make a decision. But what many salespeople forget is that the customer’s view of value changes as they move through the buying cycle.

How To Sell A Price Increase To Your Clients

During the 1970’s and 1980’s, price increases were common and expected. In the past 10 years, however, we’ve all grown used to lower inflation and the overwhelming impact of the credit crunch and the worldwide recession. Today, prices are increasing again and it’s an inevitable part of business today that we can’t let ourselves avoid dealing with price increases. How can we use them strategically to increase our selling potential, rather than run the risk of losing clients? How do we sell price increases to clients that have been buying for a long time?

5 Reasons Why Sales Stall At The Close

How many times have you been with a prospect and everything seemed to be going right? You know the feeling…you’ve done your homework, you’re getting good vibes, they’ve made the decision and it looks like a good business relationship is about to start. The only thing they need to do is sign on the dotted line to confirm.

How To Make Sure Your Sales Training Is Effective

Our open sales training courses are always full and we are kept busy following up on the coaching we offer to sales people after they have returned to their businesses and started putting the ideas discussed into operation.

Making Your Sales Meetings More Predictable

Maybe you’ve faced the situation where you’ve prepared a great presentation for the client and you turn up with all your materials and examples of how you can help them, only to have them say ‘You’ve got five minutes. What can you do for me?’

6 Steps In Dealing With Angry Customers

There comes a time in every salesperson’s life when they have to deal with someone who has justification to be angry. Maybe it was a major problem with deliveries, something has been promised and it didn’t materialise, or there’s been a complete mix-up that has led to the customer being put in a bad position.

8 Reasons Why We Lose Customers

How many customers have you lost in the past year or two? Are you certain of that number? How many have simply stopped buying from you, but you don’t know it?

4 Steps To Sales Success

I recently came across a simple formula or platform for success in sales. Well, it was sold as a simple formula, but it’s anything but simplistic. Here it is:

10 Cage-Rattling Questions to Ask Yourself in Your Sales Career

Seldom do salespeople give themselves the opportunity to reflect on where they are in their career or where they are heading. They are either too involved in the nitty-gritty, everyday operational view of their jobs and accounts, or they don’t think it an important-enough issue to consider it for a long time. Or, as I suspect is the case in most situations, they don’t know what questions to ask themselves to reflect on the direction and vision they need to take.

3 Ways to Deal With Price Pressure

The most frequently asked question we get asked on our sales courses is the one related to price. ‘How can we resist the temptation to give away the shop? We’re not a charity, but our customers often think we are’.

3 Myths Of Relationship Selling

Have you ever met with a prospect and got on really well, then it ends up that they never return your calls or emails and you can’t get in touch with them?

8 Steps to Help You Sell to Groups

Let’s face it, you probably prefer to talk to one person at a time when you sell your services, as you can establish good rapport, deal with one question at a time and generally focus on just one challenge at a time.