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There’s More To Farming Accounts Than Repeat Business

Whenever salespeople think about prospecting, it often has two distinctly different reactions. For some it can be a challenge that they relish, looking forward to seeking out new opportunities and building new relationships. To others, it can fill them with dread, preferring root-canal work to running the risk of being rejected.

5 Must Have Sales Trends You SHOULD Be Monitoring

We are often asked by the media for our take on what is happening in the world of sales and what we think the future holds in that world. The question often is phrased in terms of what trends do we see emerging in various markets and how should sales teams adjust their processes to match them.

How Do You Get Inside The Mind Of Your Prospect?

You might know the theory that people are either left- or right-brain oriented. This idea separates people into categories depending on how they think. This is definitely a generalisation, as it’s not that you use only your left brain or only your right brain; everyone uses both. It’s just that you prefer to use one side over the other. And so does your prospect.

How To Persuade The Customer To Make The Correct Decision

It’s often considered that the ability to be able to persuade someone to make a decision is a key skill in a salesperson’s armoury. For many, it means that you can sell something that maybe the customer hadn’t thought they needed and in many circles it can be an added advantage.

Understanding Customers’ Perspective To Improve Client Interaction

Unfortunately, conflict is an unavoidable aspect of the human condition, and is likely to creep into the conversation any time expectations differ. Conflict can raise stress levels and leave long-lasting effects on employee health, decreasing job satisfaction, and increasing absenteeism and tenure rates.

How Do You Respond To ‘Send Me More Information’?

So you’ve finally got through to the decision-maker and had some form of conversation with them. They seem interested in what you have to offer. You get a tiny thrill of excitement, as you think this could actually be a sale in the offing.

Lack Of Sales Getting You Down? Try This…

I had an email from a salesperson recently, saying that he had (in his words) “become downhearted, demotivated and discouraged” about his job, as he wasn’t hitting targets and his boss was always on his back and did I have any tips for him?

Looking At Sales Success From A Different Perspective

One of my team has been running a successful sales programme for a large international client and, during one of our recent meetings; he mentioned how the client’s sales teams have been intrigued by our perspective on selling in the 21st century.

20 Reasons Your Customer Will Say Yes – Part One

When I worked in sales a few years ago, we were always told to ‘walk in the customer’s shoes’ so that you could experience exactly what they were going through when they were conducting their businesses.

20 Reasons Your Customer Will Say Yes – Part Two

In the first part of this article, we discussed ten reasons why it would be beneficial for your prospect to agree to choose your solution. All prospects and customers have to rationally and emotionally be connected at some level with the solution, or they may well have buyer’s remorse or incongruence about their choice. So it is vital we ascertain the real reasons why people would change their mindset to choose us rather than the competition, or do nothing at all.

How To Deal With A Stall In Negotiations

When you get to a point in the conversation with a customer where you have to negotiate on price or some other issue, remember one thing: the vast majority of negotiations occur because you haven’t identified the value of doing business with you earlier in the conversation.