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LinkedIn Loonies - Let's Talk Sales: 005
Posted on 03/27/2020

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Selling For Non-Salespeople – How To Become More Client-Oriented If You’re Not In Sales

Do you often hear people say ‘Oh, I’m not in sales…I can’t sell anything!’

How To Deal With Your Competition When In A Sales Meeting

You will no doubt have been in the position where you’ve been discussing purchase opportunities with your prospect and the subject of your competitors comes up.

How To Sell More Products To Existing Customers

Who would you rather talk to? A new person who you haven’t met before, or a close friend?

"Neuroscientists Can't Explain it" | Deepak Chopra

"This is why monks shave their eyebrows" Powerful Stuff!

"It's Going to Come Back Next Winter" | Coronavirus

This video was made in collaboration with our friends from London Real.

When You Don't Feel Like Doing Anything... (motivational video)

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